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The Hill from Once cover

Hey guys, so sometimes I do covers on YouTube and this is my latest addition to my small collection of songs I have sung through.

Please, if you have a moment, check it out, if you enjoy it or if you don’t, any sort of feedback would be much appreciated!

Thank you so much!

My good friends and I cover Seasons of Love from RENT!

We hope you enjoy & if you have the time, check out the rest of my covers here!

AVPSY: Darren breaks character

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i can’t tell dreams from truth


i can’t tell dreams from truth

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to live, you have to love

once the musical -  2013 national tour

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“More soul, less pants” — ONCE, the musical (via razzledazzlezebra)

Seeing Once with Becca!

Seeing Once with Becca!

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life ruiner


life ruiner

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My cover of “There Are Worse Things I Could Do” from Grease! Please check it out, like & subscribe if you’d like. I love doing these and any feedback is greatly appreciated!! 

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